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Personal Care Services

At Love & Care Community Services, we recognize the importance of personalized and compassionate personal care for individuals with disabilities. Our Personal Care Services are designed to support individuals in Sydney with their daily living activities, promoting comfort, dignity, and well-being in the comfort of their own homes.

What are Personal Care Services?

Personal care services include helping and supporting people with tasks relating to grooming, personal hygiene, and general well-being. Our kind and skilled employees at Love & Care Community Services offer individualised personal care services to make sure people with disabilities have the support they need to retain their independence and quality of life.

Our Personal Care Services

Assistance with Personal Hygiene:

Our compassionate carers can help with grooming, oral hygiene, toileting, bathing, and showering. We prioritise each person’s dignity and privacy when it comes to personal hygiene, doing it with compassion and respect.

Dressing and Clothing Assistance:

We provide support with dressing, including selecting appropriate clothing, fastening buttons, tying shoelaces, and putting on accessories. Our staff ensures individuals are dressed comfortably and in accordance with their preferences.

Mobility and Transfers:

Our carers have received training in secure positioning, lifting, and transferring methods. We provide assistance to those using mobility devices, such as wheelchairs or walkers, to enable safe transfers and movement around their homes.

Medication Reminders:

Individuals might receive reminders from our staff to take their medications at the appointed times. Although we don’t give out medication, we can help people manage their drug schedules.

Skin and Pressure Care:

To prevent skin deterioration and to advance general skin health, we pay close attention to skin care and pressure management. Repositioning, applying creams or lotions, and supporting the maintenance of healthy skin are among services that our personnel may offer.
Disable Personal Care Services

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